Wednesday, May 23, 2012

FIxing Media Fast-Forward Problem in Linux Mint

I feel as if the Linux penguin wakes up some days thinking "John Sullivan needs to be brought down a few notches today"...

I sat down to work today and was planning on using Pandora to listen to some music but I soon noticed that it was as if my songs were playing in super fast forward: nothing was coming out of the speakers and the current position in the song was advancing at a rate of about a minute per second. Not wanting to deal with it I went to YouTube to try and find some songs on there I could listen to, but I soon found out that the same problem was occurring for the videos on there. Legitimately afraid for the well-being of my Linux box I tried to listen to music one last time by opening up Banshee but that didn't work either.

After some searching online I couldn't figure out what to do, so I started re-installing everything I could think of that might be causing the problem. Little did I know that somehow my selected audio device for output had changed to some device that didn't really exist. I found this out by (this is for Gnome 3, your desktop may be different) going to Sound Settings in the top right corner of my screen, selecting the Hardware tab, and then selecting Internal Audio Analog Stereo. How it got set to that in the first place is beyond me but I'm glad I can listen to music while I work on my Linux box again.

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  1. Life-saver. I did a fresh mint 13 install and noticed this annoying feature - scrap that, it's more than annoying, it makes your computer almost unusable as audio was ruined along with all video - so I did a fresh re-install as I hadn't done any configuring so had nothing to lose. However I recently had the same problem and have been using Mint 13 for a month or so now and hence I was loathed to re-install over such a petty problem, but I couldn't find the reason or a solution online - until I found this. Good work.